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what is < p > tag. in hlml code file web page.

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< p > tag defines a paragraph . HTML paragraphs can be any structural grouping of contents such as images, texts etc. < p > tag defines a paragraph like you write a paragraph in the text books . so , to write the paragraphs and create paragraph block on the webpage < p> tag is used in html.

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< p > tag stand for paragraph tag. It is used to identify the paragraph of text. These have both opening and closing tags represented by < p > and < / p> respectively. So, anything written between these two tags is considered as a paragraph.< p > tag generally denotes the beginning of a paragraph. Although the closing tag < / p > is optional, but for convenience it’s good to terminate any tag before the ending of program.

The <p> tag defines a paragraph.
Browsers automatically add some space (margin) before and after each <p> element.

This is some text in a paragraph.

The p tag also ignores all the white spaces left on the right .example:

This paragraph contains a lot of lines in the source code, but the browser ignores it.

this will appear in a straight line. the p tag also supports attributes . example:

This is some text in a paragraph.

HTML tag < p> denotes a paragraph tag. A paragraph start and end should have this.

means paragraph tag ...

@hk.24kalosiya first of all a warm welcome :heart_eyes: to Bolt Forum community. The p tag is the paragraph tag. Refer to this link

Most of the HTML elements are written with a start tag (or opening tag) and an end tag (or closing tag), with content in between. Elements can be headings or title or content or table etc. To identify different elements, different tags are used among which < p> tag is one of them.
In simple terms, < p> tag helps to understand that the content it is enclosing is a paragraph.
< p>…< /p>