Html coding ,background color

After writing the hmtl code in html editor app, I got like this when I opened the link in chrome

But background color is not changing, what is my mistake?

Try this instead
(<body bgcolor="#008000"text="#ffffff">
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) Ur code is not running because u mentioned body again inside the div. Which is an error

Yes, even I tried that one too, but I am getting same mistake,this time I copies same code from course but I am getting output with background color in chrome
Buy I’m getting background colour when I opened in app like this

What is my mistake

Okk than tomorrow I am going to try it in my pc and send the code and screenshot.don’t loose patience u can also try you tube for more reference.

See, there are different ways to set background colour for body tag and div tag…
Try this…

Thank you sir /madam

Yes, I know this color codes, when I tried with green and white I’m unable to get back color in chrome

Even today I have tried but my output is

But I’m not getting the below output Screenshot_20200410_221947
Please help

Can you please share the screenshot of your code…

and also try for once the hex code #009900 instead of #008000, may this error is due to 008000, as it is not web-safe colour, for more clarity read this

This time I have tried using div, but even I’m getting same problem, what is my mistake?

This is output from your code it is working fine

This is not working because you have used body tag again without closing it if you want to do styling in body do it in the above body tag
Try this way:

The Output is exactly what you expected @sreejavijayagiri

Thank you sir, I got it

Thank you Mam, I got it

I got this desired output, I have a small dobdat the end of your message you have gave information about color code in small word “this”,u want to know how did you set the while website in the word "this "

I think you want to know about the website that I linked with the word “this”, right?
follow the screenshot…

in the code u open div tag in div tag body is open u dont close the body tag in div tag please check

Use only bgcolor instead of body bgcolor

Why are you writing body two times during the first initialization itself enter what you have wrote second time