HTML Embedding images

My HTML code for Embedding the images has not worked for the code you have given in the class embedding images. I haven’t got image in my web page. Will you please have a solution for me?

I see that you are not able to add pictures to your web page by using the code given in the cource. However there can be several reasons for the problem, some of them are as follows.

1.The picture that is mentioned in the code ,on the site , might not be present on your computer., in that case you have to take a random picture , save it in your computer and use that in the html code. you can not copy the code on the site as it is because it will not be able to locate the picture that is mentioned in that code. is aslo possible that the image your are using is present on your computer , but it is present in some other folder , in that case you have to copy that image to the same folder where you have saved youre HTML page.

if you not able to embedde your picture on webpage ;
then try to put your html code on desktop;
and put your slected image on desktop
the you have to provide only image name (eg.image.jpg) to the src (as source path)
now run the code on your browser
you can also browse this link for cleaer concept

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While giving the name of the image, copy the image name from the location .
Means go to image properties there you find the whole source name.

Just put the image in the folder in which u have been save your html file and also give the extension of the image as.jpg along with image name

thank you so much. but i am not getting that much of clarity on for that purpose, will you please tell me the code in general form for embedding the images in my webpage.

Here’s the code for embedding images-
Just make sure that the image is saved in your respective(coffee shop) folder.

Hope it clears your doubt :slight_smile:

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just make sure that the image should be copied in your coffe shop folder then you can get it.