Html spacing problem

Please help me out in this HTML section where I want the text to come in the middle of the page but I am not able to do it.
Also I want images to come a little apart from the border.
so How am i suppose to do it?

Hi @surodeeprush,

Can you share your current code and output of your code so that we can help you out ?


I am not able to bring the text and image part in the middle of the page and also if i open the page in a`mobile then will it adjust to resolution of the phone?


You can try to use the center tag. It can be used enclosing your h1 tag like this:

<center> <h1>.........</h1> </center>

I hope this helps.

Thank You so much. It really helped!

you can use the tag to put a text in center alignment


"<center> <h1> HELLO WORLD </h1></center>

You can use “height” and “width” properties to place an image anywhere on the page

if we open the page on mobile then also will it come on the centre?

tag works for any device as long as you are using a proper browser to open your html file.