Html where to find file name on google

after creating a file in sublime text as coffee shop in video it is shown to open in chrome but am not getting that open file option in chrome please help

To open your folder created in Sublime ,Right click on your sublime window -> click on “open in browser” option -> then it will be directly open in your default web browser.

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Hi @daundsaurabh9,

To open the HTML file, you can use the below keyboard shortcut also.

  1. Open chrome

  2. Control(ctrl) + o

  3. Select the HTML file and open it.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.


You can try it this way-
Step 1: Go to your index.html file in your coffee shop folder.
Step 2: Right click on that file.
Step 3: Select —open with— Chrome.

Here is an attached screenshot.

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open the file location that we have saved, then drag and drop the html file to the browser

I also can’t find any option from chrome so i used this two method and you may try this

Method 1 :

    1. Right click on Subline Text Editor (where you write the code)
    1. Click on Open in browser
    1. You Will be redirect to chrome

Method 2:

  • Go to coffeeshop folder
  • Right click on index.html file
  • Click on open with and select from where you want to open Chrome or Other browser
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