HTTP error and Unable to create a record

There was an HTTP error along with unable to create a record

While executing the code for Project 9( Sending an SMS when Temperature Crosses Threshold). I corrected the temperature threshold message trigger, but now I have a problem in sending the message( related to Twilio I guess). I also check the file which is correct. There is a screenshot of the codes.

This is the code of Project 9:

Since, the error refers to the “From Phone number” not being valid, try generating a new number at the Twilio website and try using the new number.

Your code doesn’t seem to have any mistake. The sensor value is also being displayed without any error, so there isn’t any problem with json class too.:slight_smile:

You must check your file & see if auth_token, SID & all other details are correct.
You must add +91 before your phone number.

i check it but again it is showing same error:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Is the phone number you mentioned in your code really working??
see this link, it says your twilio no. is not correct, regenerate it.

The From number is one generated in your twillio account copy it as it it with plus sign to the end in the conf file to get things working