I was working in the API led control project the codes been written and the connection is done. but when the view this device button is clicked it shows error 404 no code is found for the product. the product is linked to cloud

it means you have not written any code for it.
ask again if you face problem.

Don’t expose your Device ID, because anyone can access it. Edit it before any causes may occur.

Visit this website you will get detailed information on this.

From device id no one can access it , API key is to be kept confidential and bolt cloud account details are kept to be confidential.

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Are you still facing this issue?

yes even after writing the code its not working its already been 2 weeks i am trying

even after writing the code saving it in the product, when the html page opens it says no code found


Can you create a new product with the same Hardware config and code? Link it with the device, deploy it and try to view it?

i have tried that it still dosen’t works out

Hi @mdas55068,

Can you share the screenshot of the code section from the hardware configuration? Also, delete the product and configure it again, and then do not forget to link your device with the product.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.