these are the ss of my project but still led is not glowing

There are certain things about which you should take care, as follows:

a) Make sure that the other leg of the LED (longer leg wrapped with a leg of the resistor) should not be making any contact with the other leg of the resistor in digital pin 0.


as there isn’t anything mentioned about the hardware section in product configuration, instead you need to check for step 1 again carefully.

c) Also, it will be more convenient to detect the error if you can share a picture of your output page when you click on the “view this device” button. I’m sharing my output below.

d) If the above point doesn’t help, try deploying your configuration, as you have done some hardware configuration.

At last, your code looks fine. These troubleshooting steps work well for me. Let me know if it works for you as well or not.

In the code section, change the file extension from html to js because it is a JavaScript code

Are you sure? Please revise it!
As per my understanding, it’s HTML code after this JavaScript code comes under processing.

Yeah right I apologise for my mistake. Thanks for correcting me