As the ‘Download’ button appears on its own when we choose to watch the output of the code. So how to hide the button as assigned in Project Assignment 5 - Task 3. I am not getting that from where to start or what to do to hide the button !!!

To hide the download button: the code for respective product in your bolt cloud.
2. below the plotChart() command, enter the command: dataDownload(false)
3. Save the code.
4. Deploy configuration.
5. View graph.
the Download Data button will be hidden

So dataDownload() is an inbuilt function in Javascript. Where to search for the other inbuilt function to work with during the course other than mentioned in regular training ??

@harshkakasaniya No. dataDownload() is not an inbuilt method of Javascript. It is a custom function by Bolt Cloud.
You can go to to view more info.

Hello @shoeb.ahmed I am unable to fine dataDownload() function on doc. is it really available there, if yes please guide. Thanks