I am facing error in telegram part please someone help me...it is saying unauthorised i check my conf file also, written telegram id with @ and without t.me also and i also wrote bot id with starting bot

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hi @pradeepsinghsolanki
did you make the temp alert directory first ?
The command is : sudo mkdir temp_alert in your shell
You might have changed the old conf.py file

Please refer to this thread, it was solved earlier too.

Create a new channel and bot, it should work. Avoid writing the credentials by typing manually, try to copy paste, to have better accuracy with token, APIs etc.

If that still doesn’t work, then refer to this.

Yeah I faced a similar issue and it was due to incorrect channel id or bot id.
Please recheck those again.
Here I am posting ss of my conf file and the places we need to look for the correct channel id and bot api.

My conf file
Please note the format to be entered in ie bot API starts with “bot$$$$$” where $ will be replaced by the HTTP API of your bot and channel id starts with “@$$$$” where $ will be replaced by your channel id ie text after ‘t.me/’ .

My bot API key

My channel id

Please edit the post and remove the screenshot of your channel and bot.
Both your Token and ID are exposed. Do avoid that in the future.
Thank you :heart:

As per the query, in the title, he has mentioned that his credentials are accurate.

Dont worry, its not the complete Id. I took care of that and parts of it already blanked out.

He did mention that he has the right credentials but the error messages suggest otherwise. I too had a similar problem and turns out what i was thinking are the right credentials were not correct. Hence I added the ss of my conf for him to check if his credentials are right or not.

@akshayan.sinha @abhimanyu741741 @alarkthakkarvnit :hugs: :hugs:Thank you all for your contribution …now I am getting telegram alert, I just form a new bot and it started working.

Mark this one as solution, other students will direct to that thread directly next time.