I am facing problem with the development board I have received

When I tried to connect the development board with the power source, both the LEDs were glowing in a stable fashion for which the board couldn’t create the hotspot as expected to which I have to connect my smartphone and give my router’s credentials

This may be because the kit you have recieved was returned by someone else in the past and has a problem in it so to fix this try opening the bolt iot app once more and connecting it or just order a replacement from the bolt iot page.

if your set up the bolt device first time with facing this issue,then contact the bolt costumer support.
if your already set up the bolt device,after that your facing this issue.nothing to worry about this issue.
because,once you connected the bolt device & once again you want to connect bolt device with the same router credentials.then automatically router connected to your bolt device.

i hope you,this useful for your issue,


We might have to replace your device. A person from Operations team will get in touch with you soon.

I was setting it up for the first time and I faced this issue.

What will be the process to replace it?


I didn’t get any response from your operation team. Should I request for return?


Can you share the email id that you have used to make the purchase or the order id?