I am getting google aurthrization error

sir i tried all the methods metioned on 403 error which meant google authrization where i completed all the steps in login bolt app in mobile but to check the work of led device the page showing as 403 error as shown in picture …please help me sir

thanking you

disable all firewalls and add this app to trusted sources

Hi @vedanthamvydehi ,

@shoeb.ahmed1 is looking into this issue. Meanwhile, you can open the control page of https://cloud.boltiot.com from your laptop web browser.

I am very much thank full sir for understanding my problem…

Waiting for to clear this issue

Hi @vedanthamvydehi,

I had discussed with the Team and they will be deploying the fix by end of this week.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Please give me solution as early as possible I have less time.

Sir i did n’t get any reply Or solution to my issue till today… Is this solveble Or not… Pls help me sir…

this might occur due to lack of internet connectivity on your cell phone try connecting to same wifi network as you have used earlier with active internet connection.

Hi @ashita26102000,

Apology for the inconvenience, this issue is fixed by the team. Please reinstall the boltiot app and check if you are able to see the control page from the Bolt Cloud.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Thank u sir… Issue is cleared…