I am having some problems with the buzzer project

Do we get provided with a code for the buzzer? and also, are there any videos in the BoltIot portal or anywhere in the internet that teaches you how to accomplish something similar to the video on the industry alarm system?

Hi @arkaian.aig,
The code for buzzer is almost the same as the code for led so u can just connect a buzzer and try out the code for that and yes there are videos available for industry alarm systems.
I am providing the link for such a project available on the internet ,u can refer to it for your help-

Hope it is helpful.

Thank You Anisha, What shall be the connection? Do we require a resistor? or do we just connect the positive terminal with GPIO 0 and the negative one with GND? I have used wires to do so and I also copied the entire code for the led, but it is still not working. Let me know if you are aware of any corresponding changes to the code for it to work.
Thanks again!

Nothing extra required to control the buzzer.

You can switch the pins of the buzzer, longer with any GPIO pin and shorter with GND. Your connections or the code could be the issue here.

You can use either the API or the code snippet to try with correct method.

Hi @arkaian.aig,
U can use the following code and make sure u select HTML as the file extension -

This is the code for the buzzer to buzz at different frequencies at each switch.

Thank you. Was this given anywhere in the portal?


In the code configuration, you will find code snippets in the top right (beside save option). There, you can select the ‘buttons’ to generate a button to control pin 0.

You can also refer to boltCommand.js - All functions explained - w/ Syntax and HTML samples 🦾, I have mentioned all functions you can use to control your Bolt module. (with little Web Dev skills from the training)

Let me know if you need any further assistance.