I am having trouble in finding image path

where we can find image path???

It’ll be good if you’ll provide your query in detail.


Can you please explain your question in detail?

I want to insert the image in html coding. But I dont know from where I can get the image path or image source.

For inserting an image in HTML coding, you have to use the syntax, img src=IMAGE_FILE_NAME.extension, written within ‘<’ and ‘>’ respectively . You don’t have to provide a separate closing tag like /img for it. Now the image must be downloaded on your computer. Preferably put it in your desktop.

You can even set the size of the image using codes,

width=“specific_numerical_value” height=“specific_numerical_value”

For directly inserting an image present on the web please provide the http link inside src=" … ".

Thank You

To insert image into the html file u will need to path to the image file…
So add the path to the image using src which comes inside the img tag…

To navigate to a previous directory(folder) use …/img_name.png (or other extensions) and to use the image in the same directory/folder use ./img_name.png …