I am new to learning IOT, which language should i hop on first?

I have a basic knowledge of web development, I just bought the Bolt kit, to get going with the IOT development and ML which language should i learn?

As per my suggestion, stick to the course it is best arranged accordingly and there is a big heated debate going on between python and javascript both are good in their own ways both have strong support to bolt, but if you are planning for thorough IoT development like weather predictions, web scraping, etc I’ll suggest going with python! but if you are planning towards API development, predictions, etc go with Javascript !

The funny part is you need both! All the Best

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Well hello, I hope you’re doing fine.
Firstly, if you are talking about Iot (Internet of things) I would suggest you to dive deep into what it exactly means first. If you want to perform Iot it depends on what you want to do and what your strengths are, to be very honest I feel you should dive into Python and Java and learn the basics of it as it would be very helpful for you to do or perform any projects related to IOT. Now speaking technically, Iot is booming for it’s many features like, temperature sensing, light sensing, Machine learning and many more. These data that are taken are sent to the cloud directly for further manipulation or viewing and so that can be done by good knowledge of programming. Bolt iot gives exactly that platform and so many including me who were just beginners in iot have made projects and now I hope you make your own too. So, yeah in the end I would suggest you to dive into Python and Javascript.
Sangramjith Mukherjee