I am not abe to view anything under "Your training Orders."

Hi Team,
I have purchased Bolt KIT and I have configured the device successfully. But the issue here is After I login to “https://cloud.boltiot.com/training” I am not able to find any thing under "Your training orders "
It is getting loaded asking to wait for few seconds but I have waited for 8 hrs but still I am not able to see any thing under the tab. Please help me out.

You have to wait for it it have refreshed…

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Are you still facing the issue then try contacting through the website of bolt as they are quick in replies under the contact section and may search with the forum for similar threads . Hope it helps

Even I have faced the same issue, you open this link in your mobile throw google, open the desktop site in your mobile so that you will get your training,
if you don’t know about desktop site,(when you open link in google at top right three dots are present click on that you will get desktop site there)

even i had the same issue ,so sharing my experience.First try to setup your wifi module,have an account on bolt either on android or on PC ,login and connect your wifi module ,power on your device After following the setup process,if the blue led is stable but the green led is not on. and you see your device showing offline in Bolt IoT Android app look at your connections or if possible change your adaptor. login with the id you ordred your kit and refresh the page if it’s still not showing.contact at boltsupport.
watch this video as this might help you-https://www.loom.com/share/3e8caef373ea4c61b06c0a0fbfce8a80
and follow these steps as i said earlier.

  1. Create an account on bolt using the same email ID that you used to register for the training.
  2. Visit [cloud.boltiot.com/training] using the same account you created in step 1
  3. Read all the steps given on the website link in step 2 carefully and follow them.