I am not able to access bolt projects

Hi I want do the project very similar to the YouTube video

But the ink in description to build the project is not working. it is redirecting to some other page.

Looks like some issue with the url.
I was able to reach the projects page through this link
Try using this link.

Even this is not working , try
1.clearing all recent tabs .
2.clear cache data.

Hi it is opening but I want the exact project I am not able to find that

That might because the that project might be removed or something else.

As your a looking for a plant monitoring system,
Best thing to do is build one your own.

There are a few similar projects, take those as reference.
The one from @PPV

Hi I want the exact display to my project too ,how to do that or can I contact the person who made this project

We may not have the exact for the dashboard shown here.

  1. However, can you share the dashboard you have built so far?
  2. Are you able to send the sensor data to the cloud?

For now, I suggest you work with the dashboard for a single sensor and then work on adding more dashboards.

Do share the link to your device view if you are able to pull the data to Bolt Cloud.

You can change the background colour !!

I have tried something similar to the photo with google’s gauge-chart !

setChartTitle('Gauge Chart');


setGreen(128, 896);


document.body.style.backgroundColor = "#051e3e";

i am not getting the gauge chart,is there any mistake in my code.

Your module has to be connected and online.

Can we use other charts rather than Google charts

Can we remove this

Hello @indus19 , I have answered the query in other thread. I hope this solves your query :slight_smile:

Link for that thread:

Can we use other charts rather than Google charts

@indus19 do close the query if you feel that the query is resolved !