I am not able to access the certification test

I have entered the coupon code for taking the certification test but i am getting a message saying the coupon code is not working, i have entered all my details properly but its still not working

Hi @jtjojothomas123,
I have taken your request to the team and they’ll fix the issue as soon as possible. Please share your email id. Also, please confirm which test you are taking(IoT and ML, Robotics, etc)?

Sir any update on the situation on the current issue?

Hi @jtjojothomas123,
I have already forwarded your concern to the team. Can you please check if it is resolved now? As soon as I get a confirmation from the team, I’ll let you know.

@raghav.srivastava it is still not been resolved i am still getting the same problem.

Hi @jtjojothomas123,
I guess you emailed us and it’s resolved now? I think you have submitted the test too.

yes it is the issue is solved now, thank you

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