I am not able to connect the bolt to my phone

I connected my phone to the hotspot of bolt but after connecting when i press continue on the app it shows that Make Sure that your device is connected to bolt hotspot

Hey! You might not have connected your BOLT device to your local hotspot. Connect your device with your hotspot or wifi. Both the green and blue light must not blink when connected.

its probably better you redo it from start. Just power up your bolt device,the blue light blinks indicating that your device is procing a hotspot.Just connect your phone with the help of your app(no passwords needed!).Now connect the device with your home network/local wifi using the app (enter the passwords if present).Now the device should have stable green and blue lights.

Make sure your laptop as well as your phone is connected to a 2.4 GHz freq connection. Switch off moblie data and bluetooth while doing so. Try going through the training videos as they show you how to do the setup step by step as well as the troubleshooting.

I have exactly the same situation with the same screenshot and my iPhone is already connected to the bolt unit.

check your power connection

Nothing change, I get exactly the same message. It could be useful to add that I have the first version of the Bolt units, I acquire them through Kickstarter.

The Bolt unit answer to the command /version and it say:

¨Bolt Hardware version¨ : ¨2¨, ¨Firmware version¨:¨1.1.0¨

Dear sirs, let me add that when I received these Bolt units several months ago I was able to connect them to the previous version of the App. So the problem is in the new version of the Bolt App !!
May you help me please?

Same issue with me… could you please help. Not able to connect at all.

work ok with andriod app… look like app issue.

You may not be connected to your local hotspots. Both the green and blue light should be turned on on bolt IoT wifi module when its turned on properly.