I am not able to connect to the cloud. Bolt device has been added. I am using 2 smartphones, one for app and second to provide hotspot/

The steps I followed were as follows:

  1. Started the bolt kit using USB cable. It generated its own wifi and then added device on 1st phone using this on BOLT APP.
  2. The device 's blue light started blinking fast.
  3. I switched on the 2nd phone’s wifi., to connect app to this connection but then the blue LED started blinking slowly.
    Where am I wrong?

Hi @b.sakshi93,

To debug the issue, check the below points.

  1. Check if you have created 2.4 Ghz hotspot from your second phone. You can find details in hotspot settings.
  2. Check if you entering correct hotspot credentials while setting up your device.
  3. You can do the whole setup using single phone. Check this video https://info.boltiot.com/how-to-setup-bolt

Do let me know in case you need any other information.