I am not able to enroll in the course

I bought this course yesterday and when i go to bolt cloud and clicked on go to course , it shows coupon is expired . what the way ??


Please create account and log in with the SAME Email ID you used when you purchased the course. You’ll be able to use the coupon code, and the course will be visible in your ‘My Products’ after that.

I think you already buy the course.Just go to my product option on the screen . My product means like your wallet .it stores the courses does buy in the course.


Click on Enroll in training and login again with the same email id, password you used before, then the course you have purchased will be available. Next click on Go to course.

i am not able to enroll course but i have paid money and got my kit plz anyone reply

You need to first create an account on bolt cloud with the same e-mail id you used to buy the course. Visit the site mentioned on the card you received with the kit or visit boltiot.training/accesscard , this will direct you to the page which has step by step information on how to access your course.

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Hi, @badrinarayanarox

Firstly don’t get tension. Here we are for helping you.
I think u can already register for boltiot course with your mail account and password while doing payment .
Use the same mail and password when you login. Definitely it will login when your mail and password both are correct…
Check the mail and password again and again. If you forgot your password go to the forgot password option below.
If you have any doubts ping me.
… THANK YOU. :blush:

I am not able to enroll in the training I do all these things. after clicking on the enrol in training it shows your coupon is expired and opens payment page to make payment but I had already purchase it. So what can I do

Give me reply as soon as possible

Hi @sarthakmishra596,
Apologies for the delayed response. Are you using the same email id with which you purchased the training?

Please try logging into Bolt IoT and see if you have access.