I am not able to link my wifi module as its showing incorrect password

Dear sir,
I’m not able to setup my wifi module after using python code to restart the module from cloud as its work but now its not getting connect to my wifi module and the blue LED is always blinking. Please suggest me some solution to overcome from this problem… waiting for your valuable response.

Once try resetting your wifi password, orelse try connecting to another wifi connection

Restart the device with setting process once or twice . Even if you can’t able to connect the device to your phone hotspot, go to the hotspot setting in your phone and make sure that you have given a correct device name and password and then see that you can also connect your phone hotspot with other devices.
Change the password and try once more
I hope you got some idea and it will help you

Hi @gautam.ajay19
Let’s see step by step:

  1. You said Blue LED is blinking, It clearly indicates that bolt wifi module is powered ON but not connected to any Wifi Network in order to access cloud features.
  2. Log in to your bolt iot mobile app with same credentials as of your bolt iot cloud account.
  3. You might wanna setup a new password, do it from bolt cloud account.
  4. Once password is succesfully changed on bolt cloud account, log in to your mobile app using the updated credentials.
  5. power ON your iot device via mobile charger or laptop USB port.(blue light starts blinking)
  6. click add device on mobile app, Turn on your mobile Wifi, iot device gets connected to your mobile over a wifi network.(blue light start blinking fastly)
  7. To provide connectivity to the iot device, your mobile must be connected to a wifi network.
  8. In the bolt iot app itself, add a network, 2 case arises:
    if (You have a wifi router):
    add name and password of your router and you should be done,
    check by LED status(stable blue and green light), double check by
    device status on Bolt cloud account.
    use some other device(mobile/laptop) as a wifi hotspot and connect to it

NOTE 1: You can’t use your mobile data, You HAVE TO connect to some wifi network for Iot device to Contact cloud.
NOTE 2: Generally, a mobile can either be a wifi or a wifi hotspot at a time.
You are connected to Iot device over wifi only, Hence if you turn ON mobile hotspot
of your device, You will loose connection with the Bolt IoT device.