I am not able to see graph for project 1(bolt iot training) in real time

Hello Sir, I am not able to see the graph for project 1 and its showing this error:
Uncaught TypeError: plotChart(…) is not a function

@joshiaditya.2201 once check whether it’s a js extension file or not.if it is js extension file only ,could you please attach the screenshot of your code.with this, you will get only table chart values,you will see different types of graphs in upcoming courses (data visualization).stay tuned.

Yes its a file with .js extension.

bro,write the time_stamp and light variables within the brackets of plotChart() function,then it will executes

write ‘time stamp’ and ‘light’ within the brackets of plotChart function.
the code should be like this below

and also remember that the code should end with plotChart() function i.e the last line of the code must be plotChart();

Good luck