I am not able to use plotchart() function in the first project ie. ldr

plotchart() function not working. can anyone help??

Its plotChart() and not plotchart()


Coding in javascript is ‘case sensitive’, which means you have to type the function name as it is assigned.
The function name is plotChart(“column 1”, column 2)



Javascript language is case sensitive and function names are assigned so the error in the function names show error and give the desired output.
In the above code its plotChart()

Thus, the code is : plotChart(‘time_stamp’,‘light’);

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The coding is case sensitive.And you are typing plotchart() but its actually plotChart().

JavaScript uses the java features.In java always,the method name should starts with small letter and the next word with capital letter.Since it is a method we should start with small letter § and the next word starting letter © with capital letter.Since parameters in method are string so you can use single or double quotes.

This is case sensitive . so use “C” in caps and others in small (ie) plotChart()

It is a case sensitive code. here c used is lower case but we have to use the upper case.
So it is plotChart().

use plotChart() because it is case sensitive