I am not being able to connect my phone to the cloud

BOLT1119532 is my model number

@jignatkanse Please click on the try again button and see if the mobile is able to connect to the Bolt device.
Also, in order for the mobile to connect to the Bolt device, the Blue LED on the Bolt device should be blinking slowly.

Sir but I have connected it to the phone but it is not getting g connected to the cloud

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@jignatkanse I think the issue is because the device is already connected to the WiFi network and does not need to be setup again.
The Bolt device goes into setup mode when it is unable to connect to a WiFi network. In such a case, the Bolt will transmit its own WiFi hotspot which enables it to be setup via the mobile app.
In other cases, it does not transmit its own WiFi network and the mobile app will not be able to find the Bolt device.

Deactivate the mobiles services .

Follow the below instructions to debug your issue.

  1. Open https://cloud.boltiot.com in your browser and check if the device is linked to your account.
  2. If device is linked is linked to your account, it means you have to just connect the bolt device to your home wifi network.
  3. Now check the status of led. If the blue led is stable, it means your Bolt is connected to your home wifi network. If the blue led is stable and green led is not on, it means your bolt is connected to network for not getting the internet access. Check this link Bolt Version-2 Setup Debugging
  4. To connect the bolt device to your home network, follow the setup process again to link your device to your wifi network (https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/setting-up-the-bolt-wifi-module). (Ignore the warning message- device is already linked to your account. )
  5. If you don’t have wifi network at home then refer this link Connecting Bolt to College University WiFi Network?

bro I am having exact same issue as you ,pls tell how you resolved it?