I am not getting the line graph for the plant monitoring project

i am not getting the line graph i did everything as per the video don’t know where i went wrong.

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Please send the code of js


Send the output also

In second line u will give the attribute as ‘lineGraph’

Try this

Yes that should be lineGraph, also I am not sure about the double quotes but in the docs single quotes are used inside plotChart(‘time_stamp’, ‘your_variable_name’)

Check here–> https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/line-graph

Hi @Maheshmac,

You have typo error in your function name. It is plotChart but you have used plotGraph. Check the documentation

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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Even after you try to do it as per the given video without any mistakes still not getting then you please check your WIFI network speed and then try it after a while you will definitely get it.

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Yes, sir I forgot it.

tysm for everyone, but i have got another problem now my bolt wifi module is not turning on the green light on it

it happens when the bolt device is not able to connect to your internet device.

Connect it again following all the steps in the below video