I am unable to connect my device

My device is not working properly and its not connecting to the app.

Hi @rsdt210,
Is the blue light flashing on your Bolt? Please elaborate on what step are you facing the issue.

Hi, @rsdt210 , make sure your phone is not on battery saver mode, you have to switch the location service to High Accuracy mode. At this time, blue LED should blink slowly and after proper connection blue led will remain constant indicating that bolt device is now connected with the app. Also you can click on the link that says " SHOW ME A VIDEO OF HOW TO SETUP" to trouble-shoot the problem.

Hi @Raviburman98, First of all you need a WIFI connection or other mobile for Internet connection coz whenever you connect you device to your mobile you data will be off. Right, Make sure when you attach you device to your laptop/adapter it will blink slowly and after the connection done the blue light will remain constantly indicate. Now your device is ready for work it will shown in your computer, Bolt dashboard screen. I hope I’m able to solve your problem. if any other kind of problem occurs please let me know.


Kindly post the video of the process and bolt’s device while you’re setting that up. Also please elaborate on the step you’re following.

Ravi Ujjwal

The blue light is continiousaly blinking…
its not getting stable

it shows device is connected but offline

I am not seeing any video upload option here so I will mail you the video.