I am unable to connnect my bolt hardware with bolt cloud. The bolt Wifi module is showing blue lights blinking slowly. Although I connected it to my mobile phone via the app, it is not connected to the cloud. Could someone please help

Please help I am not able to connect Bolt hardware to the Bolt cloud.

@2020ume1826 try to re-install the app in your phone and then reapeat the connection steps. Sometimes, re-installing solves the problem.

Also make sure that the network which you are using right now works on 2.4 Ghz not on 5 GHz, because Bolt Module supports 2.4 GHz as of now.

You can also forget the network from the wifi settings on your phone and then only while connecting the Bolt module, connect to the network. You can also refer the documentation:

can you please share the screen shots of your deviceā€¦
Is it showing the status of your device in the app??


Can you record the screen while you doing the setup? Share the link with us via google drive.

This will help us in helping you better.

  1. Use WiFi and not mobile data to connect the bolt hardware module with bolt cloud.
  2. Check if the WiFi has a stable connection.