I am unable to link my phone to wifi module since the light is blinking but still its not connecting

please help in connecting my phone to the wifi module please…

Try switching the wifi on and off or try to reconnect the device once again.

Restart the device setting process once or twice . Even if you can’t able to connect the device to your phone hotspot, go to the hotspot setting in your phone and make sure that you have given a correct device name and password and then see that you can also connect your phone hotspot with other devices.

i really need help . i am unable to configure my bolt iot device after restarting it through python using ubuntu…

Hi @devanjanmukherjee4,

Have you followed the steps given in the following link?

YES SIR. Still i am unable to connect the wifi module. The blue led is continuing to blink slowly but the green led is not blinking at all. The module was working all fine until i executed th restart the bolt device code in python grom ubuntu. I have also tried to connect to a new wifi and also tried to connect by changing the bolt user id but nothing worked.

Hi @devanjanmukherjee4,

Can you share the code that you used to restart the Bolt WiFi module?

I think your wifi network strength is low and that’s why you are not able to restart the device. Better you try with another wifi network.

Sir 6 other devices are working perfectly fine on the same wifi network.

from boltiot import Bolt
device_id = “BOLTXXXXX”
mybolt = Bolt(api_key, device_id)
response = mybolt.restart()
print (response)

hi vinayak
Im also facing the same problem please suggest some technical replay to start the wifi module, as i restarted the bolt device using python code (linux)

Hi @devanjanmukherjee4,

How many total WiFi devices are present on the network? ie including phones, laptops and other smart devices?

Most WiF modems support upto 10 to 12 devices without issues. Once the number of devices exceeds 12, it can cause network issues any new device which connects to the network.

Can you try configuring the Bolt WiFi module to connect to a different network, or maybe a wifi hotspot from your phone? This will eliminate the possibility that there is a network issue.

Vinayak Sir ,

i have tried connecting the wifi module to another hotspot as well and still it is not connecting .the blue light is continuosly blinking slowly, its not going ahead of the pairing part itself.

At this moment the wifi is connected to 6 devices where as we have connected to more than 10 devices in the recent past.