I am unable to login to my course

I stopped my course at middle due to exams .Now i am trying to access my course but I am unable to access my content ,while login it showing invalid account. Please verify my account and provide access

On which site are you facing this issue? Please visit cloud.boltiot.com/training and login using the same email id that you used to place the order. You will be able to access the training.

Let me know in case you continue facing the issue.

Still it is showing lecture content is locked, How to access my course .


From the backend, I can see that you had made a typo while enrolling in the training 9 months back.

You had used 184***@srtit.ac.in instead of 184***@srit.ac.in.

Do you want me to remove the access from the incorrect account and provide the access to the correct one? Please note that in doing so, your course completion will be reset to 0.

Yes I want access to my course .please provide access to 184g1a0560@srit.ac.in account.I want to continue my course please provide access.


i have provided access to your account with email id 184g1a0560@srit.ac.in