I cannot make my device online ,it is showing offline

how i can make my wifi module online?

Hi @subhendusamanta373 ,
Connect the Bolt wifi module to the USB and then connect it to the laptop, if it still shows offline, then refresh the page.

It is showing that "this wifi network is not secured ". and it is not connecting

please help I am not able to connect the wifi module with my laptop.
It is showing this network is not secured and no internet.

Hi @subhendusamanta373 ,
The Bolt module needs to be set up using the Bolt Mobile App. It won’t become online if you directly connect its hotspot to your Laptop, it needs internet to come online as it communicates with the Bolt Cloud over MQTT and you can communicate with it only via Bolt Cloud, not directly.

Hi @subhendusamanta373,
To connect your Bolt device to the internet follow the steps below:

  1. Power up the Bolt device.
  2. Open your Bolt IoT app and Sign it with your Account connected to Bolt Cloud.
  3. Then click on “Add Device” and read the instructions there.
  4. Then click “Ready”.
  5. After that you will get the Bolt’s Hotspot and Password.
    6 .Open Wifi setting and find your Bolt device(e.g. Bolt123456) and connect using the password.
  6. Turn off mobile data and click “CONTINUE”.
  7. When you are all set up, again click “CONTINUE”.
  8. After that you need to connect to a network listed there.
  9. Click “ADD NETWORK/SETUP VIA HOTSPOT” and use the Network Name and Password of your hotspot if you want to connect your Bolt Device to your hotspot. Click “CONNECT”
  10. Turn on Hotspot and mobile data. Remember the Bandwidth should be 2.4 GHz.
  11. Now wait for Blue and Green lights to be stable.

Your device should be online. That’s it. Now you are good to go.