I cannot save the file nor i can exit

after pressing ctrl+s,its not showing any change


I hope you are going through the video carefully and listening to the audio along as well. The instructions were already mentioned in the training, you can take the below reference to go through the point you missed. And follow along carefully.

Training module - Basic Linux Commands | Bolt IoT
Time stamp - 6:12

My arrow is not coming on the page to click the below reference…


Which arrow? Do you mean ’ ^ '?

No the pointing arrow on the pc


I’ll mention it over here, it was mentioned in the training video that you need to press Ctrl+X to exit, > then you’ll get a prompt asking whether you want to save the file, press Y. Then type the file name(or keep it as default) and press Enter

You mean ^X on the screen?

The cursor is not working, so i can’t select the below reference northern ctrl+s


Or do you mean the mouse cursor? Well, the version of Linux OS you are using does not have any cursor. Its completely shell based. You can find out more information on Operating systems other than Windows and MacOS from the internet.

It was mentioend in the training how Linux OS is helpful in the industry as well.

But while pressing ctrl+s, it’s not saving nor it’s exits…


Please mail me at akshayan.sinha@boltiot.com, so that we get in touch for a google meet. I believe that might help in clearing your doubts with this.

I have already mentioned, you need to press Ctrl+X. and not S


Ctrl+S is for Windows OS. While you’re using Linux OS which has completely different commands to use it. I hope you got this point.

Let me know if you have any other queries.

press ctrl+x for exit then press y for save the file.