I can't connect bolt device with bolt app


I am using mobile hotspot and I am facing trouble to get connection with bolt device to bolt app


HI @preetisnagarkar

It will be great if you can share the error/screenshot of the error. Also, check if below link helps *


For Problem 4… Every time I require 2 smartphone?


@preetisnagarkar Yes, you will require two phones to setup the Bolt initially since the phone cannot connect to the WiFi and start a hotspot at the same time. This is a limitation of most phones.
You will need one phone to act as a Hotspot and the other phone to do the setup process.


It is pretty straightforward, for this you will need two devices. Use one device to create a hotspot and another for connecting the bolt wifi module. Once you have switched on the hotspot follow these steps:

  1. Download the Bolt IoT App from Playstore.
  2. Click on add device.
  3. Now connect your module to a power supply on the successful connection you will see a blue light blinking slowly on the module.
  4. Now follow step 1 and two on the app and press ready on step 3. This will initiate the connection of your device with the module.
  5. Once connected it will ask you to choose a wifi connection for internet. Select your hotspot created by the other device, and you should be good to go.


Even i’m facing the same problem
I received my kit last week
I’m not able to connect my bolt device to Bolt app.
I tried connecting manually but in app it doesn’t connect
If I connect through app it is not connecting and saying try again

Please help ASAP. THANKYOU in advance .I’m not able to proceed further.


Hey ! I’ll Break It Up For You .

So, What Happens When You Turn On Your Bolt Device For The First Time Is :

  • It Does Not Know Which Network To Connect To
  • Turns On Its Hotspot , In Order To Receive Further Instructions
  • Now, When You Turn On The Bolt App On Your Mobile Device, The App Searches For A Hotspot Turned Up By Any Bolt Device
  • When It Finds One, The App Connects To Your Bolt Device’s Hotspot
  • App Asks For The WiFi Credentials You Want Your Bolt Device To Connect To
  • Those Details Are Sent To The Device Over WiFi Itself
  • Your Bolt Device Connects To That Wireless Access Point
  • And, Then Come The Stable LEDs Once Your Bolt Device Is Connected To The Bolt Cloud Service

Therefore, Your Bolt Device Needs To Be Instructed Over WiFi Only, So When You Turn Your Mobile’s Hotspot On, You Can No Longer Connect To The Bolt Device’s Hotspot . Thus, You Need A Wireless Access Point, A Separate WiFi Enabled Mobile Device And The Bolt IoT Module In Order To Become A Part of The Awesomeness .

That’s Pretty Much How I Think It All Works . Though, I’m Still Trying To Figure Out Why The App Asks For The Location Service To Be Turned On .


it is resolved Thankyou


Hi @ultimatefd838

You have explained the steps nicely.

Regarding location - Android does not allow to scan the list of wifi network without having the location permission. Check here https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/connectivity/wifi-scan


Which module how does it look like?


First of all, the thing is that you need to connect to another network ie,dont use your mobile data.Now add bolt device(enable location with high accuracy)and add the network that you are currently using.Finally once you have added bolt device you can use your own mobile data.