I can't find bolt's wifi

I can’t find bolt’s wifi in my available network. It shows bolt hotspot password and it says to turn on it. But i can’t find that particular network. Please do help me with this.

Hi @kaviya.arunagiri2021,

Please provide an update regarding the LED status on your Bolt WiFi Module. The module will initiate its own hotspot when the Blue LED is blinking slowly.

The LEDs are a helpful way for us to know the state of our Bolt WiFi Module.

  • Blue LED blinking slow indicates that the Bolt is not connected to WiFi and transmitting a hotspot.
  • Blue LED blinking fast indicates that Bolt is transmitting a hotspot and a smartphone is connected to that hotspot.
  • Blue LED glowing stable indicates that Bolt is connected to WiFi.
  • Green LED glowing indicates that the Bolt is connected to the Internet.