I can't find out project 2 in training

In training session website there is no project 2 ,so please help me to find out

Hi @anilshastry22 ,
Can you please elaborate on the issue?

Hi @anilshastry22

Project 2 is when we visualising plant monitoring project using Google chart library with different types Graphs

Yes even i can’t it.There is project 3 after project 1.

Project 2 is not directly mentioned , it is basically data visualization with the google library .Observing different types on graphs using the project 1 data is what we are supposed to do.

No it is a project 1

In the training session there is no project 2
After the project 1 - project 3 is mentioned

Ok thankyou @isha.patil

Thank you for your concern @Rohini

@anilshastry22 that’s not an issue. Project 2 is certainly not explicitly numbered as mentioned by @isha.patil and @Rohini. It is around Data Visualization and Analytics and Visualization with Google Library. Don’t worry, the training is complete.

@anilshastry22 Though the title Project 2 has not been mentioned in the course stack, it indicates the building of your first webpage using HTML Programming Language and Web Development that need not to be submitted as part of your training.