I cant understand where to write code of capstone project

can anyone tell why we need to create the product on bolt cloud for capstone project if we are doing coding in a virtual box in python? also, we cant do coding in cloud of the bolt as it only allows HTML and js. please explain someone.

We have to create a product on cloud to predict values for near future.
Implementation of Polynomial Regression in python is a core ML task.
Hence html for predicting values and python for detecting anomaly.

You either didn’t got the question or just answered for the sake of marks.

in virtual box i.e. in python only na?
then why to create product on bolt cloud when its useless here.

Write the code for Polynomial Regression Graph in the Virtual Box section in your Bolt cloud Account-> Products section-> configure this product. Save that file as .js file.
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For Polynomial Regression Graph we are creating the product, to see the predicted value,if you don’t want to see those values then it doesn’t need to be create the product.
And Yes,write the code in Virtual box only


hey Thanks both of you @amang852 and @rutvikchoudhari14.
One more thing i want to ask please answer .
If we write code in python in VIrtual box detect the sensor value and anomaly. Then how will I be able to send those values to bolt cloud for the Regression Curve.?

its javascript not html

This happen when we create a product to send sensor values to bolt cloud for the Regression Curve.

hi @bhavyatyagi16 even i dont know before but now i can answer this questions
1.don’t link both concepts
2.the product that created to check the threshold value(to find the maximum and minimum value)
3. then as usual write the anomoly code for temp
so,you are only using bolt product to know the value not to link the data with linux i hope this gives you a idea even i am was soconfused :slight_smile: