I could not connect to wifi

my bolt device Bolt13166717 have problem while connecting with wifi network. it does accepting a wifi password

Hi @savalakanekar95574,

Check this video https://info.boltiot.com/how-to-setup-bolt

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

hello bro,please check out your wifi password and the wifi name whose the account you have made during setting the bolt iot. remove the module and then try connecting again.if you are facing again the issue then send the screenshots of the problem.

Check whether the name and password of the WiFi is correct. If the problem still exits then exists the WiFi you are trying to connect many not be of 2.4GHz. You may have to try it with another WiFi.

i tried everything i could, still bolt is unable to connect to wifi

It is nothing serious but a connection problem due to the network
there are some solutions you can try
1)It means your Bolt is connected to your WiFi network but not getting the internet access. Enable the internet access from your wifi network.

2)When you are setting up your Bolt for the first time, You need Bolt IoT app and wifi network. In case you don’t have the wifi connection at your home then you need two smartphones for setting up your Bolt. In the first phone install the Bolt IoT app and create a hotspot from the second phone. Now open Bolt IoT app in the first phone and log in with your login credentials and click on Add Device button and follow the onscreen instructions and in the last screen, it will ask to connect your bolt to second phone’s hotspot and your Bolt will be restarted and will connect to your second phone’s hotspot.

3)bring your bolt device closer to the phone

4)try switch off switch on method to the internet connection as well as bolt device

try not using hotspot connection as it blocks wifi connection with bolt, thta is what happened with me