I couldn't aceess my training

I aceesed the training only once after receiving the kit,due to exams I couldn’t aceess so ,I tried accessing know it shows your coupons is expired please help


You have already enrolled in the training using your email id "mnueshmuni00@gmail.com". Please login and not enroll again after visiting the training page.

using your google account or gmail.when you are create account use gmail id use it.

My training page is not logging in. Every time I try I am sent to a different teachable account without the links

Hi @rajarshimitra1993,

Have you gone through the following video for training access?


  1. https://cloud.boltiot.com/trainingaccess
    click this link
  2. go to your trainning orders
  3. click on go to your course
  4. then signin through your email id
    i hope your problem is solve.

Hello @muneshmuni00
follow this process and you will get it.
first visit https://cloud.boltiot.com/training this website
then on the left select Training
On your training orders click Go to Course.
that’s it …If you are signed in you will be directed to that page.