I didn't get my refund amount of 2750 rupees it's been 15-20 days. I request you to refund my money as soon as possible

I didn’t get my refund amount

Hi @22je1036 Apologies for the issue. Be assured that you will receive the amount. We will check this in our systems and update you the status regarding it.

send your queries to support@bolt.iot.com they will get back to u or you have a refund policy in main menu try exploring it.

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i am having a small problem in refund while i am doping the verification .it is showing that refund amount is not correct .how cound i get my refund page back again

I think you should again fall back on the official cloud bolt IoT website and then again proceed from there and make sure that you applying for the refund in the refund period only.

It’s showing that refund money is incorrect and how could I again check my refund all details of money not about account details

@22je1036 I believe my colleague @pranav.kundaikar.inv is in touch with your regarding this. Be assured that your refund will be process and you will receive the money soon.

did you get the refund bro?