I didn't received certificate

I wrote web development exam and I got 86% but still haven’t received recieved my certificate this is my email id saurabh.21cs088@sode-edu.in pls help me as soon as possible. Thank you

Hi @saurabh.21cs088,
Please confirm if you have:
1. Used the registered email id.
2. Checked your spam and promotions folder.

Yes I checked spam folder and this is my registered mail id but I didn’t got exam certificate

Hello what should I do now?

@saurabh.21cs088 You should have received your certificate by now. Please confirm. (on saurabh.21cs088@sode-edu.in)

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Generally you will get the certificates within 3-7days of the submission of your exam. If the time period have covered then do email to bolt’s support email id. I think they will get to you very soon.

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hi sir i have completed the web development training and successfully attempted and passed the exam. i didnt get any mail regarding the certificate please help me. maild id : ravi.paandu011@gmail.com

Hi @ravi.paandu011 there is no order associated with the email id ravi.paandu011@gmail.com. Hence no certificate was sent. Please use the same email id with which you purchased the training in order to get the certificate.

Hi sir i have brought with this mail id :- ravikumar.997r@gmail.com

I have checked for the certificate in this mail id i haven’t got any information.

Hey ,
Apologies for the late response.
Please provide us with the access code of the training you did.
once the evaluation is done the certificate will be released to your respective mail id.
Thanks for being patient.
Lokesh Agarwal

I didn’t understand sir what do you mean by access code.

So there you have the coupon code please provide us with that.

Coupon :- 250F9B772620DF499CCBB1EE307398

Hi my issue got resolved. Thank you all.

plz check your email id or sometime messages goes on spam box so please check there also