I have been BLOCKED to use Bolt

{‘value’: ‘You have been rate limited. Try after 5 Hours:51 Minutes:3 Seconds’, ‘success’: 0}

This msg has been shown, when I try isonline() method.

Assuming you are talking about isOnline() method .If you are using Digital Ocean then it may be case there is load on server that is why your job is not executing . Wait for some time.

There is one more way to do that project , is using Jupyter notebook on local machine(fast).
Just Install boltiot lib using anaconda and run the same code .

Hi @snahmed1309 ,
Seems like you have made a lot of API calls in a short amount of time that’s why your access has been blocked for 6 hours. Don’t worry, you’ll again be able to use the API after 6 hours have passed. Please read this to know more about API access rules before you call an API again. Consider upgrading to Bolt Cloud Pro if you need more high bandwidth API calls.

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This means that you have made many number of calls using your API to the bolt cloud. By default the Bolt Cloud services provide limited usage of the API to handle huge number of requests. You can wait for 6 hours or you can check your registered email in which they tell you that you can mail to their support if you have an urgent work. You can even try to go for Bolt Cloud Pro which provides you with more usage of the API and other new features as well.

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