I have connected my smartphone with the Bolt APP but I am not able to see my connected BOLT HARDWARE device on Bolt Cloud's Website in Devices Tab.

@sakshigaikwad7102 try to re-install the app in your phone and then repeat the connection steps or recreate the new wifi connection for hardware with API code, hope that solves your problem.

check the connections and clear all the cookies of your browser. reinstall the app on your device and recreate the wifi connection hope this will solve your problem

It should be working by now ig make sure that your device is online and you also tried reinstalling the app, Try to clearly understand the simple steps provided with BOLT IOT kit

Hi @sakshigaikwad7102,
Are the blue and green lights on your Bolt module stable? If not, then please set up your Bolt again using the mobile app. Otherwise, do let me know.

Thanks for your suggestion. i’ll try it.

Thank you for suggestion.I’ll try it.

Sure . I’ll try to re-install the application. And Thank you for your suggestions.

Hi @raghav.srivastava ,
When i connect my bolt device with the app the blue light keeps blinking fast.
Green light is not in the ON state by the time what should i do?
Please can you suggest the solution on the same.

Hi @sakshigaikwad7102,
This LED behaviour on your bolt is absolutely normal, please proceed with the setup process. Once the setup is complete and your Bolt is connected to wifi and internet(Bolt Cloud), green light will turn on.