I have doubt on html to add image

i have a doubt on html and java script can you please give me detailed clarification

refer to youtube for further clarifiction they will teach u from scratch

@tejayuraj What is the issue you are facing? Attach any screenshots if required.

What issues you are facing like adding image or linking html with java script etc.

Use code

 <img src="location of image" alt="alternative name anything"/>

Above code will be used in HTML to show image.

First search the image u needed and download it from google images or u can paste the URL of image and follow the below code. Also u can change the size and width of the image as per your requirement.
THE CODE FOR IT IS well described in the below link
https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_images.asp (not able to post code here, so link attached)
alt provides name for the image. It,s useful in case if the image is not loaded properly, the alt description gives idea about what the image is.