I have paid for the training and received the kit but i am not able to access the cource

i have paid for the bolt iot training but i am not able to access the cource can you help me for this

login or access the course through your registered email id which you used to purchase and login by cloud.boltiot.com/training and select on access course.

you can do one thing you might gave got a leaflet with a qr code scan that and fill the details like the mail id that you used to purchase the kit and the relevant password.
then you will be forwarded to the bolt iot page and you can access the course.

Go to bolt iot training webpage.In the right hand side,click the log in option.Enter the registerd email and password you used while buying the kit.


Are you still facing the issue? From the backend I can confirm that you have enrolled in the training.

I to have enrolled in a cource and i started my coure curriculum with few lessons after that i cant access go to my cource section can anyone help me to sort out this isssue


You have enrolled in the training using your email id “thishon.ec20@bitsathy.ac.in”. Please login to the training using the same. You don’t have to enrol again.

@yeshwant.naik Thanks a lot