I have paid/received the kit but my payment status is "Awaiting delivery confirmation"

This topic has been posted by Bolt IoT. Please read carefully and follow instructions depending on which scenario applies to you.

We have set up an automated system that provides course access when the kit is marked as paid.
For online orders, the process is instantaneous as we receive the amount directly via payment gateway.
For COD orders, the order is marked as paid at our end when the delivery agent updates the tracking status to “DELIVERED”.

You can visit https://cloud.boltiot.com/training to check the payment status of your order.

Scenario 1] If you received the kit today.

  • Please wait for 2 more days for the delivery agents to update your tracking status as delivered.
  • You will receive an automated mail from our system, once the order is marked as delivered by the agents at their end.
  • You can then visit https://cloud.boltiot.com/training and follow the instructions to access the training.

Scenario 2] You have received the kit and 2 days have already passed.

  • Delivery agents might take more than 2 days to update the delivery status.
  • Sometimes due to their negligence, the status is not updated at all.
  • In this case, you can send pics of the kit that you have received to support@boltiot.com as proof of the delivery of the kit.
  • We shall manually mark your order as paid so that you can get the training access.

Please read above post if you have received the kit but the Payment status is still “Awaiting delivery confirmation