I have paid the fees but my account is not activated yet

@rahul.singh1 sir I have paid the fees but accound is not activated yet

@ashwinithoke1211 great to have a new member in this amazing journey. Regarding the training access and all other stuffs, you will soon get a mail with the subject Access to Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning in which you will get all the details reagrding how to activate your account and so and so forth.

Basically you will get the email within the same day of the purchase or even sometimes it gets delayed by few days. So at-most you can get the email on the day when you receive the Training Kit itself. Nowadays you would also receive a message reagrading the same also.

Don’t worry you will get the access in a sapn of few days. If you don’t get the access even after receiving the kit then you can contact the support team. But I think you will get it in a couple of days time

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I have already recived my kit

No activation email till yet! Do check the spam folder also because sometimes the email lands in that folder. If still not found, then @rahul.singh1 @yeshwant.naik will look into the matter and help you more

ok thank you for the guidance

@ashwinithoke1211 , even in the spam there is no email? If you haven’t found the email then you can visit the https://cloud.boltiot.com/login webpage and then click on forget password, it should work because if you had made a successful purchase on the Bolt platfrom then your emal must be in theror database. Give it a try :slight_smile:

which mail …?

The gmail id which you had used while registering for the course!

I have not received any activation email yet

plz tell me how to contact with rahul.singh1

@ashwinithoke1211 , I am saying that as you must have used an email id for registring for the training say ashwin@gmail.com, so visit the bolt cloud webpage i.e. https://cloud.boltiot.com/login and then click on forget password. As your email id must be in Bolt’s database then you can use the forget password option and create a new password and thus can access the training.

First, try this.

It showing invalid email id

Then tag @rahul.singh1 @shoeb.ahmed1 so that they can have a look into the matter

where did I have to tag them?

As you messaging now, write @rahul.singh1 stating thta you need their immediate attention, so they will be notified regarding this post

ok thanks for your support :slightly_smiling_face:

As you have initiated anothet query, so do close this query by clicking on the solution button in the post of my first reply

Hi @vishalvats2000,

As I can see you have used your google account to login into your Bolt Cloud account.

  1. Open https://cloud.boltiot.com/login and click on the “Sign in with Google” button.
  2. Choose your email id ashwinithoke1***@gmail.com from the list and after the successful login, you will be redirected to the Bolt Cloud dashboard.
    (You will not receive the verification email if you use your google account to login into Bolt Cloud)

To access the training:
3. Visit https://cloud.boltiot.com/training and watch the video to know more about the training.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Actually sir I am using the platform since a long time. I am not having any error. @ashwinithoke1211 was having the problem. He says that he haven’t received the activation mail yet and thus can’t access the training

@rahul.singh1 sir it showing like this