I have received IOT kit from 9th sep 2019 but not eligible for course till now

Sir, I have cleared the scholarship exam and eligible for the free course and I should only pay for the kit but I have received the kit from 9th sep and till now the course has not been started even after 9 days.

Dear Pshasanee,
I am glad you are one of the bolt IOT customer. and I request you to please check email inbox under upgrades section or even SPAM with the subject as A shipment from order #India14187 has been delivered and then CLICK HERE and then SIGN IN. you will be sent an email with subject line as Confirm Your Account , click on the confirm email then you can get access to the training courses.

Please let me know if you persist any problems and don’t forget to write here as we are here to support you regarding any issues in accessing training.