I m not getting the answer ..i m from boltiot trainning

here are the screenshot of my ajax in javascript…![IMG_20211211_214432|667x500, 50%](upload://n3jwJgK504XQ2rKY



Correction in the line

 if(this.readyState==4 && this.Status==200)

‘S’ in readyState is capital.

If it still does not work, you can send a snap of the console window.

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I have done 'S' in readyState  but still it's not showing.. 
Is it necessary to have hotstar? I don't have that on my pc.. 
Please help me out... ![IMG_20211212_165401|667x500](upload://nttjC88ET1zPZvkji7fKGNl65cE.jpeg)