I need guidance in setting up bolt iot

i am not able to setup up my device.pls help me with this.

detail your problem completely including the led status

module is fine…when im setting up in app,a dialog box is showing and my mobile gets hanged.
the box tells to choose 2.4 ghz connection and not 5 ghz

If u have noticed it’s asking so because the bolt device of ours has it clearly written that it works on a 2.4ghz connection. That is the frequency on which it works.
And as far as your phone hanging is concerned, I’ll suggest freeing up some space in your mobile phone and run a scan for any virus

If the dialogue box is asking you to choose 2.4GHz then maybe the local Wi-Fi Network you are trying to connect your Bolt device to operates at 5 GHz and Not at 2.4 GHz.
Maybe the device(Mobile) from which you are providing hotspot to your Bolt device is set to a Broadcast channel other than 2.4 GHz, so you must change that network setting.
Go to Settings>Connections>Mobile Hotspot & Tethering>Configure Mobile Hotspot>Advanced Options>Broadcast Channel and choose 2.4 GHz frequency.

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After this procedure, if its still hang, clear data the app and again follow the instructions https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/429176/lectures/6646929

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First power on your bolt device using an adapter or using an 5V USB cable.when bolt is powered on the blue led will start blinking at a faster rate,Now connect your Wi-Fi to the bolt module. If u are powering the bolt for the first time u need 2 smartphones.
There is also a cloud led which glows green if u have an internet connection
When these 2 led’s turn on and become stable then u are ready to go