I need help with interfacing bolt iot board with stm32 microcntroller

i need help with interfacing bolt iot board with stm32 microcontroller through i2c protocol

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The Bolt WiFi module does not have an I2C port.

To be able to achieve this, you will have to setup an Arduino or some other micro-controller as a go between, to communicate with both the Bolt WiFi module and the STM32.

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my main aim is to connect stm32 to boltiot board and send data in the stm32 to a remote database
can you please tell me how can I achieve that?


Well, if you don’t want to use an arduino or an interfacing circuit of any kind, you can connect the TX and TX lines of the Bolt to the UART lines for the stm32.

To send the data to a remote database, you will have to create an internet connected service which will have to use the serialWR BOLT API call, to send a command to the stm32 via the Bolt and receive a response from the stm32. This service will also be responsible for pushing the data to your remote database.

You will then have to program the stm32 to expect the command and respond to the command.